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 Styria Crash

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le dragon


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MessageSujet: Styria Crash   Ven 11 Mai - 7:34

Hello. This is Silkroad-R.

Finally, ‘Styria Crash’ which is a new content of Silkraod-R has been released!

Where you anticipating what kind of a system the ‘Styria Crash’ is?

‘Styria Crash’ is a PVP type of system where players from opposing jobs can battle against each other. It has been made so that players will enjoy a grand scale battle that can support a maximum of 100 vs. 100 players wherein they are allowed to use various tactics to win.

The method to enter qualification and participation is not difficult.

And now we have the following details of the methods of participation in ‘Styria Crash’ for you.

Regarding the battle field of Styria

The team acquiring the most points wins after the end of a match. And if both of teams get the same score, then the match will be judged as a draw. A Point can be obtained by opening the Styria storage box and pot, killing event monster or PK.

◈Distinctive characteristics of ‘Styria Crash’

- Styria storage box

20 pieces of Styria storage box are placed in equal distances on the central of battle field. Points can be acquired 5 seconds after clicking the Styria storage box. (Opening 1 of the Styria storage box: 200 points)

Points will not be given when Players die and disconnected when opening a box. And box cannot be opened by multiple players at same time.

- PK

20 points is obtained whenever a character from the opposing team is killed.

- Removal of Event Monster

Hunter and Thief both have their own version of event monster. It is summoned in the field of the team having a lower point every 6 minutes. These Monsters are summoned and will not attack players. When it is killed, it gives a buff to the team on the field for 2 minutes. If the score is the same, the event monster will be summoned on both of sides.

If event monster is ignored or abandoned, it will be accumulated and will not disappear. But the Buff effect will not stack even though multiple monsters are killed at same time. If the same buff effect is acquired again, the buff time is updated to 2 minutes.

Buff Effect


Damage increase 30% increase

Damage Absorption 30% increase

HP/MP 1000 increase

Accuracy rate 20% increase

Evasion rate 20% increase

- Opening Pot

Rare relic items will be randomly acquired within 5 seconds after clicking a pot which is located at the central and outside area of battle field.

Job EXP ranging from 1000 to 100000 is randomly given if the rare relic item is used.

(Trade and Drop is not possiblebut Keeping in individual storage is allowed.)

-> During opening pot, even player is under attack or knock-back skill, opening pot will be normally progressed.

◈Match Schedule

- Match occurs every 05:00 on Saturday and Sunday. (Joymax Standard Time)

- 20 minutes will be spent for a match.

◈Application and qualification

- Characters who are level 20 and above with a Job

◈Participation Method

- Entrance and application for Styria Crash is approved by the Arena Manager NPC.

- Participation application is available from 60 to 10 minutes before match.

Entrance and application can be done by wearing a job suit with individual status.

◈Entrance Qualification

- Character who have 20Lv and above with job

- Application and entrance can be done with wearing Job suit

- Application and Entrance are possible with individual status.

- Application and Entrance are not possible with stall, trade, guild war, dead, free sparring, party and transfer riding/summoning status.


- When applicants of one side team are under 10, match is cancelled.

- The Number of Participants on both team is adjusted the same before starting match. When a team has more members, excess members are excluded in the match.

(EX: When match is 100 vs. 98, it is adjusted as 98 vs. 98)

- Maximum 200 players can join a match at same time. It is excluded from 201th player and after.

(Match can be made of 10 vs. 10 match minimum and 100 vs. 100 match maximum.)

The battle for supremacy Begins!! See you at the battle field in ‘Styria Crash’!

Thank you.
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le dragon


Nombre de messages : 488
Age : 29
Localisation : le mans
Date d'inscription : 26/06/2008

Feuille de personnage
Nom du personnage: Chocapic
Guilde du perso: Vague_a_bond

MessageSujet: Re: Styria Crash   Ven 11 Mai - 7:36

pour faire court PvP max 100 vs 100 en job
tuer les mobs buff l'équipe prendre le pot central (5sec sans mourir) rapporte des point

que les meilleurs gagnent
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Styria Crash
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